About Us

As opportunity knocks, doors are sometimes opened while others are ignored. Open, invite, listen, learn and practice. Opportunity knocks sometimes not by invitation, but by visitation...

What we really do?

Strive to provide our customers with the best quality available. The look speaks for itself. See how it looks on you.

Our Vision

Lock our customers in and dispose of the key. What you request is what you receive. No need to search anywhere else.

History of Beginning

Our company was built and designed to simplify our customers shopping experience by delivering quality, commitment and peace of mind.

B.Phillip CEO/Founder

What we really do?

Customer loyalty is our goal. We strive to achieve this by providing you with not only the best quality products but also the best experience while browsing our website to ensure a simple, easy and convenient checkout. Guaranteed, our products are 100% New and 100% Quality. Personally hand picked and delivered. What you ask for is exactly what you get! See for yourself…

Our Vision

Granted… Ever bought something, waited a couple weeks, a month or more just to receive the wrong item or color? Hmm. How about a defective product? Hassle to return to sender? Have to wait another month or so again! 3 months later, still waiting..? Been there, done that! Not a great experience! Rest assured, that experience stops here! That is our commitment to YOU. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied!

History of the Company

Welcome to your Uniquely Accessorized Store. Released in 2018, Deal4Steals brings to the competition 100% genuine quality products guaranteed. The company’s goal is to rise to the occasion of customer loyalty by providing nothing but the best quality advertised as well as solutions to enhance purchase experience.

Cooperate with Us!

Help us to provide you with the best checkout experience possible. If there is any changes or products you would like to recommend to our site to improve it’s functionality, please feel free to drop us a message in the ”Contact Us” tab. We appreciate your input and look forward to all your positive feedbacks.

What can we do for you?

Contact us 24/7 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding product information or a purchase fulfillment. Simply drop a note in the “Contact Us” section. Someone will respond within 24 hours. We are dedicated to help…

Our customers are our biggest priority. Without YOU, there is no business! Therefore, we strive to offer only the best genuine quality products and precise based information. 100% guaranteed to last. Whatever the description says, the product will be reflectively matched.

Looking for multiple delivery options? Whether needed next week, tomorrow or simply not in a rush, we offer multiple delivery options to meet your necessary budget. See “Terms and Conditions” link in the “Customer Care” section at the very bottom of the page for additional info.

The most important factor to any business is to keep your customers happy so they not only keep returning to shop but are also referring others to help keep your business reputation growing. You work with us, we in turn will work diligently with you to answer all your questions and satisfy your purchasing needs… Let’s all grow together.

Dare to be satisfied! With over 10,000 views a week, we are dedicated to providing our customers, the backbone of our business, with the most simple checkout, affordable pricing, unique quality and unbelievable service like never experienced before… YOU keep our satisfied customers number rising and we will keep YOU satisfied! Let’s work together to aspire and achieve.